Situated in Ponta da Ferraria, placed within an area classified as a Regional Natural Monument for its natural geology, HOUSE FOR FERRARIA consists of an abstract plan for a house, delimited by a low wall of concrete that resembles the common foundations of a building. In the centre of this house, one of the rooms is filled with water. The work resembles that of an unfinished construction, a voluntary ruin that exists only through a drawing of what it could become, where the temporal and literal character of the concrete contrasts with the reflective and poetic qualities of the water.

Braula Reis’ project questions concepts of construction and living conditions characteristic to this hostile environment, at the same time proposing reflection upon the particularly-humanistic imperatives of Natural Heritage sites themselves - the preservation of ruins as symbols.

Materials: Reinforced concrete, water
Dimensions: 9,7 x 6,5 x 4 m