Following an analysis of the concrete tetrapods lining Ponta Delgada’s harbour, Hipólito’s proposal reflects on these objects through a sculptural perspective. His approach to the object takes into account its matter and strength, questioning the mass of the object and its relation to the sea. These are three exercises that oppose the substance and the density of the tetrapod.

The first is a sculpture made of three painted tetrapod’s steel form placed in the public arena. Moving from the utilitarian to the aesthetic, the tetrapod becomes a sculpture of memory that avails itself to a new, unexpected dialogue within the urban matrix. The second is a video projection of a 3D-drawing animation of a tetrapod. The projection will tour the island through both its urban context and landmarks throughout the landscape. The animation will be projected in a diverse set of spaces and settings that allow different contexts and interpretations, interferences and deconstructions. The third section of Hipólito’s proposal is an exhibition which will take place at ARCO 8: a series of drawings that reference the tetrapod form to explore the object’s sculptural quality, suggesting its own transformation and dematerialization.

2017 object_10
Materials: Painted steel tetrapod formwork
Dimensions: variable

Video 2017
draw_08 Materials: Video projection Duration: 2’47’’ (Collaboration with Nuno Moser)

Drawing 2017 merge_11 #1 | #2 | #3
Materials: Ink over digital print
Dimensions: 1950 x 1200 mm