Pedro Lucas and Tine Grgurevic were once randomly put together in a room in a small town in the north of Portugal and they started jamming. After delivering what they were supposed to they decided to call themselves Phila and keep on jamming. Lucas is a Portuguese guitarist, producer and songwriter responsible for the projects O Experimentar and Medeiros/Lucas, where he has been pushing the boundaries of what can or can not be called folk music in his home country. Grgurevic, Slovenian by birth, is a trained jazz pianist that goes under the alias Bowrain. Whether as a solo performer or accompanied by different ensembles, during the past years he has developed a wide range of collaborations in Europe, both in music and in the visual arts scene.

For both musicians Phila started as a place of freedom, having sonic and musical enjoyment as their sole purpose. Urban and electronic music, ethnical sounds, religious and spiritual rituals, african rhythms, synthesizer lust, psychedelic improvisations, epic finales, all have space in Phila’s playground. From Lucas’ guitar and laptop sounds to Grgurevic’s rhodes and synth virtuosity they ended up creating a kaleidoscope of musical experiences to dance along to.