Walk&Talk designates the Arts Festival of the Azores, which happens every year in July, and the annual program of residences that remains in operation throughout the year. Experimental and participative, Walk&Talk motivates the creation of new objects in dialogue with the territory and the socio-cultural specificities of the Azores region. The project focuses on the involvement of local communities and migrants around the knowledge generated in the broad field of arts, intersecting art, dance, performance, theatre, architecture, design, cinema and music.

Walk&Talk is held in San Miguel since 2011, in 2016 it expanded its dynamics to Terceira Island and during nine editions it has hosted more than two hundred artists from multiple geographic and disciplinary backgrounds. The Festival has shaped an Art Circuit consisting of more than 70 interventions, more or less ephemeral, mapped and visited in public spaces, urban and rural, on the two islands of the archipelago. The festival program also includes an Exhibition Circuit with projects resulting mainly from artistic residencies, the presentation of shows, concerts, performances, conversations, parallel events in various cultural spaces of the region and initiatives that promote the production and sharing of knowledge.


Anda&Fala is a non-profit cultural organization, responsible for Walk&Talk and the projects Periférica - Brainstorming Culture and Geographies, RARA - Handicrafts Residency of the Azores and PARES - Artistic Activity Support Program in the Azores. The association promotes new centralities for contemporary creation in the fields of visual arts and performative arts, activates the circulation of knowledge, artists and projects, and operating from the archipelago of the Azores aims to involve communities around the world. Anda&Fala develops favourable environments for co-creation, coproduces artists and agents and works in networks with partner structures.

Anda&Fala was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Ponta Delgada, on the island of São Miguel. Since 2016 it has been declared of Public Utility by the Government of the Azores and in the biennium 2018/19 its activities and projects are supported by the Ministry of Culture / DGARTES. The association is one of nine partners of the Centriphery program, winner of the European Commission's Creative Europe 2019-2021 and Walk&Talk is a member of EFFE - Europe for Festivals Festivals for Europe.