At the still point of the turning world comes from the regular collaboration between Joana Gama and Luís Fernandes in a project that crosses piano and electronic. Here "the music travels in a wide space, entering routes that come in permanent shock. In shock, you understand that there is no conflict, but an explosion of sounds that illuminate a space that begins dark”. At Walk&Talk the project features the Conservatory of Ponta Delgada and live visuals by Miguel C. Tavares.

Since the premiere of QUEST in early 2014, a concert that was born in Theatro Circo and that originated a record company (Shhpuma), Joana Gama and Luís Fernandes have maintained a regular collaboration that crosses piano and electronic. Following the release of the album, considered one of the best of that year by several national critics, the duo held concerts in the main national halls and festivals like Novas Frequências (Rio de Janeiro), MadeiradiG (Madeira), Rooster Gallery (New York) and Festa da Palavra (Praia, Cape Verde).

In recent years the duo has made two soundtracks for short films that premiered in Curtas - “A Glória de Fazer Cinema em Portugal” by Manuel Mozos and "Penúmbria" by Eduardo Brito. They also did a version of John Cage's "Music for Amplified Toy Pianos" for the “Old New Electronic Music Sessions” series, promoted by Digitópia / Casa da Música. With Ricardo Jacinto they created HARMONIES, an experimental homage to the life and work of Erik Satie, in the form of a show and record (Shhpuma, 2016).

In 2017, responding to a challenge by Westway LAB Festival (Guimarães), the duo created an original work for piano, electronic and ensemble, thus venturing into new paths and taking the orchestra out of their comfort zone. With the complicity of José Alberto Gomes in orchestration and arrangements, the sonority that characterized his sonority was amplified and complexed. This work titled At the Still Point of the Turning World - a verse from TS Eliot's magnificent "Burnt Norton" poem - was released by the Australian publisher Room40 in April 2018. In the 26th edition of Curtas Festival, a collaboration with Miguel C. Tavares was premiered which adds a video component, operated in real time, to the concert.