Brunch&Talk gathers curators, artists, cultural agents and the public to get to know in depth the projects that are being developed in the context of Walk&Talk. Processes, experiences and expectations will be the focus of these Saturday's talks, with brunch served by the restaurant O Q'énosso.

On our frist Brunch, we will talk with The Decorators about the 6 new commissions to out Island Circuit, in development and built throughout the first week of Walk&Talk, an inauguration on July 14. This edition, the public art circuit takes the form of an expedition that takes a group of people to explore the island of S. Miguel through the encounter with 6 works of art, commissioned by The Decorators to Rain Wu, Prem Sahib, Pedro Lino, Daisy Ginsberg, Inês Neto Santos, Practice Architecture, Clementine Keith-Roach. Each of these works will be presented in a unique landscape and will explore sensorial dimensions.