Art Residency / Filming - 4 - 10 July

Based on Catherine Hickling's diaries, the film portrays a state of maladjustment and dislike for the unknown. Set in Terra Nostra Park on the island of São Miguel, Catherine wanders through the garden in a solitary contemplation in which two times intersect.

Research, Direction and Edition Francisca Manuel
Argument Eduardo Brito
P‍roduction Catarina de Sousa‍ and Diana Diegues

Field production Diana Diegues
Production Assistant Catarina de Sousa
Photography Department Rui Poças
Image Assistant Felipe Drehmer
Voz-off Elizabete Francisca and Francisca Manuel‍‍

Sound Nuno da Luz
Costume Design Carlota Lagido
Actors Elizabete Francisca and Francisca Manuel
Choreography Vânia Rovisco

Art Residency Program Mailchimp
Visual Arts / Movie