The curatorial proposal for the Exhibition Circuit of the Walk&Talk festival, in Ponta Delgada, in 2019 articulates a set of seven solo presentations, on view in five different locations of this city. These presentations question the traditional format of the exhibition and problematize the idea of identity. Working with the places that connect with their nature, the artistic interventions question what defines, composes and reinvents the identity logic, operating in a close relationship between spaces and contents. Each intervention calls for a set of cultural, social and anthropological references, ranging from gender, memory, landscape and architecture. Interpellations that problematize the expression of time, the idea of change and the concept of knowledge, and which, suggesting an inclusive path, cross three types of intervention. These typologies organize different exhibition models: (1) Particular interventions in specific places (punctuating) (2) Interventions that propagate in urban space (dispersing) (3) Interventions grouped in one place (converging) Punctuating, dispersing and converging are thus the basic actions that guide a logic that aims to be extended, transformative and participative, dictating the participation of the artists: Gonçalo Preto at Museu Carlos Machado - Núcleo de Santo André (punctuating) Miguel C. Tavares & José Alberto Gomes at Avenida Marginal de Ponta Delgada / Portas do Mar (punctuating) Maria Trabulo at Torre Sineira of Ponta Delgada (dispersing) Rita GT at Museu Carlos Machado Núcleo de Santo André and on the adjacent streets (dispersing) Mónica de Miranda, Diana Vidrascu and Andreia Santana, on the 4th floor of the SolMar building, at Avenida Marginal de Ponta Delgada (converging) As a whole, the exhibitions promote a reflection on what identifies a community, believing that this considers a process of constant renewal, where creativity, debate and inclusion, have a leading place. In this sense, all the works try to problematize not the difference that distinguishes us, but rather, the reinvention that draws us closer