“Everything was reduced to fragments, to restricted frames and nooks of the landscape. Anxious, I sift through that first impression of the whole and I do not find it.”
(Raúl Brandão, As Ilhas Desconhecidas)

Inspired by Raul Brandão’s trip to the Azores archipelago in 1924, Miguel C. Tavares and José Alberto Gomes travelled on board of “Corvo” cargo ship for a ten-day journey between Mainland Portugal and the Azores, with stops along the islands of São Miguel, Faial, Terceira, Flores and Pico. With East Atlantic they present an audiovisual piece in a film-concert format that translates this imagery into images and sounds, based on the archipelago of the Azores and its insular condition. In a hybrid space between the documentary and the artistic object, the work also intends to represent the dichotomous insular character, both seductive and attractive, as well as prisoner and claustrophobic.