Taking as a starting point the Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus, Madalena Correia introduces the absurdist rhythm in her work, to reflect on daily life, hurried and unconscious actions, and the constant search for the meaning of things. Routine is presented as boring and repetitive. We devalue physical work, the simple and everyday movements of our body. But to reach a certain purpose, ideologically possible or not, we are tempted to try and try again and again. This purpose needs the body and its resources, small gestures and movements, repeated day by day, made routine and practice, until perfected in mastery or as an obsession. In the Myth of Sisyphus, the goal is not immortality, but rather the time and positivism applied by the protagonist, the repeated and continuous action, with the hope of reaching the impossible.

The artist associated this reflection with her daily routine at Estúdio 13 (a multidisciplinary space for artistic creation and teaching), with the purpose of highlighting a selection of absurdist events, previously performed, and transform them into purposeless movements. Loading, the project that the artist shows at the Cultural Institute of Ponta Delgada, consists of a video installation, composed of five screens that project, sequentially and alternately, different movements being performed by the body. The movements are repetitive, actions in suspense and apparently without object or purpose. What would Sisyphus be without his marble stone?