Open Call for Residencies


Open Call for Residencies is an open call to artists of all ages, geographies and disciplines, that assigns two residencies to Walk&Talk’s Artist Residency Program in the 2019/2020 biennium.

The two winners are invited to develop a new project, co-produced by Walk&Talk, and present it in the context of the festival. The residences begin in the current edition of Walk&Talk - Arts Festival and the presentation materializes in the edition of the following year.

Winners past editions
Maria Trabulo (Pt), Rita Gt (Pt)
Ayelen Peressini (Es)
Sarah Mohr (De)
Alberto Antoniazzi (It) Luís Plácido Costa (Pt)

March 15: open call announcement
Until April 24: requests for clarification
Until 23:59 April 27 (Azores time): deadline for submission of proposals (proposals received after the deadline won’t be considered)
May 8: selected applications announcement
2019/2020: research, curatorial follow-up and production of the projects to be presented in the 2020 edition of the Walk&Talk – Arts Festival.

- 2019 Artistic Residence: up to 10 days (Round trip to Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores, accommodation and meals) + 500,00€ (artist and production fee)
- 2019/2020: Curatorial follow-up, production and communication
- 2020: Production 2020 - 2000,00€ artist fee + production

- Candidates who are nationals or foreigners, over 18 years of age
- Individual and collective, by appointment of a representative of the collective
- In all areas of artistic expression

Open Call for Residencies only admits digital applications delivered by e-mail.
All the elements of the application must be gathered in a single PDF file, with a maximum of 10 A4 pages, and sent to the e-mail address opencall@walktalkazores.org

Elements of the Application Dossier
a) Rationale of the application - 
Text with a maximum of 2000 characters with spaces
A brief description of the motivations that led to the application and the reasons why the participation in Walk&Talk may be important for the artist research and work.
b) Portfolio
Selection of works or projects already developed (pictures, sketches, renders, synopses, videos and others)
c) Identification of the participant
- Name
- Biography up to 750 characters (with spaces) in English
- Copy of valid identification document
- Address
- Departure airport
- Mobile phone
- Email
d) other elements
- 2 high-resolution images (past projects and works)
- Copy of a valid identification document for travel and insurance purposes

Requests for clarifications must be sent to the email opencall@walktalkazores.org until April 24

The selection will be made by a jury constituted for this purpose, composed of three elements of the Artistic Direction of Walk&Talk - Arts Festival and two invited elements, to be informed briefly.
The results will be announced on May 8 at Walk&Talk's online platforms and the two winners will be contacted by email.

By participating in the Open Call for Residencies, the winner(s) authorize the dissemination of images and other content contained in the applications on all Walk&Talk - Arts Festival materials and media, including online, as well as their partners and patrons, without prejudice to the ownership of copyright.

1) The participation in the Open Call for Residencies implies the acceptance of this regulation.
2) The candidates are free to make their own investments, to raise sponsorship or other supports for the production of their projects.
3) Walk&Talk guarantees the confidentiality of all the data provided by the candidates in the application process, and the information is used only for the purposes defined.
4) Failure to comply with the conditions of this regulation implies the exclusion of the candidate.

The situations missing in this regulation will be promptly resolved by the executive board of Anda&Fala - Cultural Association responsible for the organization of Walk&Talk renouncing any other entity, institution or judicial authority.