From Ponta Delgada to Vila Franca do Campo, with stops along the regional road for tasting, contemplation and visit to a very special house and private collection.

There is Walk&Talk and there is Talkie-Walkie, a project based in Porto, founded by the architects Ana Vieira and Matilde Seabra, who design travel programs for culture and art lovers. In São Miguel, inspired by the legacy of Walk&Talk, the TW team went to meet the people of the island, listen to their factual and fictional stories, discovered private homes and collections, local architecture and landscape technologies. Also explored unusual spots and new sights over must go places that escape quick visitors and even many locals.
This adventure results in three thematic tours that invite to understand the island for it's geological but also social stratigraphy, with the people who inhabit and transform it. Special tours to meet and talk with the historian Pedro Pascoal de Melo, Fatima Mota of Galeria Fonseca Macedo, the geologist Rui Coutinho, Bernardo Brito e Abreu, the mentor of Pico do Refúgio, the producer Diana Diegues and Fátima Marques Pereira, director of the Archipelago - Centre of Contemporary Arts.