A team of three young architects who work and live in Madeira want to find other dialects. Architecture as language, produces regional dialects that are interesting to understand, explore and experience, spaces that evolve as a living and endemic organism. They look for small architectural elements, which build spaces with the same proportion between archipelagos.
Being an islander is different, but among archipelagos, it’s common. Between languages, regionalisms, cultures and customs, the Atlantic influence brings architecture to an elementary field: the simultaneous proximity between land and sea. They are interested in understanding the diversity within this community of archipelagos, and the spaces that make them common. As well as in talking about the spaces or elements that characterize the sites, small architectural operations that have been built over time in these territories and which, over time, go unnoticed: the stone walls, the gazebo towers of the Azores, the terraces of basalt and the little wood “pleasure houses”. They are interested in speaking and understanding spaces that are so diverse and finding the common and insular factor.