The Artistic Residency Program (PRA) integrates the residences in progress in each edition of Walk&Talk and aims to boost both new and experimental creation in the Azores, diversifying the areas of artistic expression present at the festival, and promoting an increasingly transdisciplinary dialogue in the local context. The ARP has strengthened the position of Walk&Talk as a creative space and has a central place in the strategic development of the festival, allowing its integration in circuits of coproduction and circulation with other festivals and entities, on a national and international scale.

The ARP takes place in a variety of formats: on the one hand, hosting ongoing projects, to which Walk&Talk provides support in the creation or co-production; on the other hand, with the commissioning of new projects in different areas. Whenever possible, and when justified, the objective will be to work with the artists throughout 2 editions, accompanying the creation processes and intensifying their relationship with the territory, partners, entities and other artists residing in the region.

RESIDENCES 2019/2021
Artists/collectives are invited to start a new project, continued over a year with a final presentation in the following edition of Walk&Talk. The projects will be defined with the development of the research and may take the form of an exhibition, public art, a publication/edition or performance.