In 2019, RARA - Design and Crafts Residency of the Azores, joins in São Miguel designers invited by curator Miguel Flor to work on creating new objects with local artisans. Filipe Alarcão and Soraia Gomes Teixeira will work with the artisans Horácio Raposo and Alcídio Andrade, cross ancestral knowledge with contemporary visions and explore raw materials and techniques such as wood and wicker.

The Design/ Crafts residency proposes the intersection between visual artists, designers and artisans, crossing traditional Azorean techniques and materials with new conceptual models, allowing the transition to new media and products, developed under the brand RARA, which stands for “Residência Artesanato da Região dos Açores” - Craftwork Residency of the Region of the Azores. The residency is programmed within Walk&Talk’s program, but its an increasingly autonomous project. Throughout the various editions, the different workgroups have been composed of artists that seek in the invited artisan's new techniques and work processes. The residence has resulted in a set of prototypes/products now presented as RARA, bringing value and innovation to the local craftwork and to the Azores brand.

Some of these objects are available for purchase, and their revenue allows support for the artisan activity and continuity of residences, which are supported by the US Embassy and hosted by Quinta do Priôlo and Associação Arrisca.