“Silent Disco” is an immersive show that happens in night-clubs, exploring the potential of the technology from ‘silent disco’ parties. The audience forms a temporary community, guided only by headphones in the club’s empty space, reshaping and problematizing the now common experience of parties in clubs where the crowd gets together to each dance to their own music, isolated from one another by the sound they listen through their own headphones.

This creation aims to speculate on the nature of clubbing as an act of resistance, capable of reconfiguring forms of reflection, affection and corporality. Spectacular identities, multiple sexualities, hedonistic consuming, raw physicality – do each of these constitute as a political practice of resistance?

Actor and director Alfredo Martins invites dancer and choreographer Marco da Silva Ferreira for a collaborative creation that reflects on gender identity and clubbing, on temporary communities and dance.

Text freely inspired on the writings of Ashkan Sepahvand, Donna Haraway, José Esteban Muñoz, Michel Foucault and Paul B. Preciado.