Walk&Talk Summer School
Walk&Talk Summer School is back for a 2nd edition with 5 days of classes and about 10 artists and curators who will share their principles and work methods through a daily program of conversations and exercises.

What is it
5 days of classes and theoretical-practical work sessions, guided by a group of artists and curators participating in Walk&Talk’s 8th Edition. It's an opportunity to get to know their work better and discover new ways to explore your own projects.

For Whom
Over 16 years of age

Classes and work sessions will take place between and 12 July.

The meeting point will be at the W&T Pavilion in Largo de São João.


Access to the 5 days of Summer School has a registration fee of 50,00 €. Those who volunteer a minimum of 16 hours at the festival will have free access to Summer School.

Pre-registration and more information via email conhecimento@walktalkazores.org
Limited number of entries.


Walk&Talk Pavilion
10am - 1pm

This talk will explore the research and techniques behind the film project Volcano and explain how it combines documentary and abstract experimentation by shooting 16 mm film and using the photochemical laboratory for visual effects. The second part of the session discusses the meaning of the volcanic theme in philosophy and literature, with examples drawn from Kant, Bachelard, Deleuze and Anne Carson, starting with the legend of Empedocles, the philosopher said to have thrown himself into Mount Etna.

Walk&Talk Pavilion
10am - 1pm

The work to be developed intends to alert participants to the importance of curatorship and the role of the curator. For this purpose, it is proposed to establish an annotated conversation, focused on an audiovisual presentation, structured in a summary and introductory form, where several topics of reference will be exposed. A guided visit to the exhibition is also proposed on the 4th floor of the Solmar building, where participants will be asked to find another solution to organize the same exhibition. Rethinking the curatorial logic, it is intended that this small exercise develops a critical thinking about the disposition of works, their articulation of contents and their connection with the exhibition space.

The conversation and the visit aim to involve the participants in an informal and interactive register, where the debate and the exchange of experiences are promoted.

Walk&Talk Pavilion
2pm - 5pm

The direction of Abbas Akhavan's research has been deeply influenced by the specificity of the sites where he works: the architectures that house them, the economies that surround them, and the people that frequent them. The domestic sphere, which he proposes as a forked space between hospitality and hostility, has been an ongoing area of study in his practice. More recent works have wandered into spaces and species just outside the home: the garden, the backyard, and other domesticated landscapes. Akin to learning new etiquettes, his residency at São Miguel Azores, will be an opportunity to visit various locations in order to glean formal and conceptual material that will hopefully be fruitful for the realization of a future project for Walk&Talk.

For the Summer School program, Akhavan will talk about site-specific work. The objective is to unpack the methods and strategies that tend to linger and nourish a way of thinking, loitering, exploring and working on location. We will discuss the difficulties, failures, potentials and relationships that are formed when making work on site and how those strategies differ from having a studio based practice.

Walk&Talk Pavilion
10am - 1pm

With artist Alex Farrar you will explore perception as embodied feelings, how it relates to the experience of art (and the making of art) and the feelingful way in which we live in the world. We will look closely at the surface of the body as a contested threshold between our social/exterior and our psychological/interior life.

Through residues of the lived body, Farrar’s multidisciplinary practice draws on the forms that nervousness, anxiety, stress, joy and relief (among others) take, specifically when expressed involuntarily. In addition to sharing and discussing their own experiences, participants will have the opportunity to contribute to an index of forms that the artist began collecting last year for a series of ‘night sweat paintings’.

Walk&Talk Pavilion
3pm - 5pm

The Decorators is a multidisciplinary studio that uses design, landscape architecture, curation and psychology as its tools. Always working with people and place, they are interested in doing work in the public realm that unveils what usually remains unseen.

Expedition Empathy by The Decorators has invited six artists to make works that provide alternatives to the rational readings of the island fashioned by the expeditions of the 19th century. Their public art works will invite audiences to engage with the islands, its people and its landscapes by merging instead of measuring, personifying rather than classifying, and embodying rather than explaining.

In this session we invite you to become explorers in our expedition to help us record and capture the immeasurable, the intangible, the volatile and the ambiguous dimension of the Azores.

Walk&Talk Pavilion
10am - 1pm

Walk&Talk Pavilion
10am - 1pm

Danny Bracken is an artist and musician whose work explores technological change and its impact on our perceptions and experiences of the people and places that surround us. It investigates the tension between our idealism for the future, nostalgia for the past, and an increasingly conflicted present moment. These works often incorporate video, sound, and physical objects; ranging from installations to small-scale sculptures, printed material to album releases. -

Walk&Talk's Knowledge Program has the support of Direção Regional da Juventude - Azores Youth Council